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Retractable Awnings, Covers, & More

The outdoor living experts at Mitchell Outdoor Living love spending time outside and we want to provide you and your home with products that can make your patio your dream outdoor space. With patio awnings and covers to block the sun and protect your outdoor furniture, you can finally enjoy your patio like it’s meant to be enjoyed. Mitchell Outdoor Living offers a variety of retractable awnings, covers, and more, with various colors and styles to match existing decor. Visit us today in Gun Barrel City and find all of the outdoor supplies you need.

patio awnings

What to Consider When Purchasing an Awning

  • Stationary or Retractable
  • The Angle From the House
  • Side Panels
  • Material
  • Size
  • Style
  • Color

Having a deck or patio is a great thing to have all by itself — but then the Texas sun comes out, glaring and hot, making it difficult to enjoy the space. The perfect solution is a patio awning from Mitchell Outdoor Living. We offer dozens of choices, including retractable awnings, hand-cranked and motorized awnings, various colors, styles, and materials, with and without side panels, and more.

  • Material: Common choices are fabric, typically vinyl, and aluminum. Fabrics come in a variety of colors, but require more maintenance; aluminum blinds offer stability, but don’t have as many color choices.
  • Angle: Depending on which direction the patio faces, you will want to consider the angle of the awning. East, west, and south-facing patios will need more coverage due to the angle of the sun throughout the day.
  • Side Panels: These provide additional protection from the sun and can add a unique look to the overall design.
  • Type: Retractable awnings are convenient and easy to adjust, and stationary awnings provide all-day protection.
  • Size, Color, Style: These choices will depend on the size of your patio, your personal style, and any existing decor around the space. You’ll find a variety of options at Mitchell Outdoor Living.

Our outdoor experts have helped countless homeowners find the product that fits their needs and budget, so if you have any questions about the available options, the installation process, or how to maintain the awning, we’re happy to help. Stop by our outdoor store in Gun Barrel City to shop for outdoor furniture, BBQs, fire pits, solar shades, and so much more!

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