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Big Green Egg Grills

Combining modern technology and age-old cooking techniques, Big Green Egg allows homeowners to become a real chef in their own outdoor kitchen. If you love a good pulled pork sandwich, slow-cook the meat at low temperatures for hours, or if you want a perfectly cooked steak, crank the Egg up to 750º F for a great sear.

The cooker features a metal top and bottom draft door that controls the airflow coming in and out of the chamber; it seals up tight to retain heat and moisture for the juiciest chicken and turkey; and there’s a sealed fire box to keep energy inside, making it more efficient than a typical grill. Even better, the Big Green Egg is easy to clean! Because the cooker retains heat so well, any grease burns away like a self-cleaning oven, and ash is minimal. Mitchell Outdoor Living is your local authorized dealer and we’re proud to carry a selection of sizes and various accessories you need to truly impress your family and guests.

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