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5 Essentials for Outdoor Living Spaces

Enjoying lake life is easy when you live in the Gun Barrel City area. We have mild temperatures year-round and only a few days of rain each month, allowing you to get the most out of your deck, kitchen, and other outdoor living spaces. Are you really getting the most out of them, though? As it turns out, without a few essential items, you may not be. Mitchell Outdoor Living is your source for affordable, high-quality outdoor living space essentials and we would love to help you find the right items for the right price. Shop our online store now or swing by our showroom today!

Outdoor Living Space Essentials

Comfortable Outdoor Seating

When you think of outdoor living, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it lounging in the sun with a good book and a cold refreshing drink? Or is it hanging out with friends after sundown with a good bottle of wine? No matter what your ideal outdoor experience is, it likely involves relaxing, taking things slow, and good, comfortable seating.

Investing in high-quality outdoor lounge furniture is essential when you live in Northeast Texas — you want durable furniture that will stand up to wind, rain, and intense sunshine. Composite furniture is a top choice because it won’t splinter or fade and it is available in a variety of styles and finishes. Whether you are searching for cute Adirondack chairs or a full patio set, you can rest assured that you’ll find just what you’re looking for when you shop Mitchell Outdoor Living.

Outdoor Kitchens

Do you love cooking a delicious meal for your family on holidays? Enjoy having the gang over for a Cowboys game? If so, then why limit your fellowship and fun to your indoor space? If your social gatherings often center around shared meals and drinks and your outdoor space doesn’t include an outdoor kitchen, then you’re missing out.

Luckily our outdoor kitchen design team is here to help you create the kitchen of your dreams right in your own backyard. A functional kitchen set up makes cooking for holidays and family gatherings a breeze and a Big Green Egg Smoker is perfect for those game-day feasts. We can help you incorporate these outdoor kitchen features and so much more into your outdoor living spaces — if you can dream it, we can build it!

Shade Structures

With an average of three to five rainy days a month here in Gun Barrel City, one thing is certain: if you have outdoor living spaces on your property, you need the right shade structures to keep you and your guests cool and comfortable. After all, no one enjoys battling sun in their eyes or getting a sunburn.

A shade structure not only keeps you and your guests comfortable, but it can also enhance the beauty of your property. Take a custom palapa, for example. These structures offer the right balance of both function and fun. Whether you want shade for your patio, a custom tiki hut or bar, or you’re interested in having a unique cover for your outdoor kitchen, our team of experts can build a palapa that suits your needs and your budget.

Fire Pits

From enjoying backyard meals with friends and family to kicking back and relaxing under the shade of your custom palapa, there is no shortage of activities you can enjoy during the day. But what about at night? You might not be getting the most out of your outdoor living spaces if you use it after sundown.

In addition to exterior lighting, having a fire pit is a must, especially if you spend a lot of time outside in the evenings. This is one amenity that you’ll love using all year long. During the summer, you can cook smores over your fire pit, recreating a campfire experience every night if you want to. During the winter, there’s nothing better than sitting around the fire pit with some hot cocoa or apple cider. Whether you choose a traditional wood-burning pit or a gas pit, this is one essential you won’t regret having.

Festive Exterior Decor

Living the lake life means spending a lot of time outdoors. Naturally, you want your outdoor living spaces to be just as beautiful as your indoor spaces. Choosing the right decor for your exterior spaces can make all the difference for creating a space that is as beautiful as it is comfortable.

The right outdoor lounge furniture is durable and inviting. You can easily add some festivity to your outdoor living spaces by including pillows, wall art, and other decor items that coincide with the season or nearby holidays. For example, in the spring you might choose decor with soft, pastel colors. For summer, you might choose red-white-and-blue decor, while for fall, you go with classic reds, oranges, browns, and greens.

Everything for Outdoor Living Spaces

Searching for that special something that will take your outdoor living space from ordinary to extraordinary? When it comes to outdoor lounge furniture, outdoor kitchen design, shade solutions, fire pits, and more, Mitchell Outdoor Living has all of your needs covered. We are long-time lake residents who love sharing creative ideas and high-quality products that allow you to live your best life on the banks of Cedar Creek Lake. Shop online, stop by our Gun Barrel City showroom, or contact us today to request a consultation on how to get the most out of your outdoor living spaces!